Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

CRISC Certification at NPS Technology prepares IT Professionals for the unique challenges of risk management for a enterprise. The training program makes them strategic partners of the company. CRISC is the latest rigorous assessment that can be used to assess the risk management skills of IT professionals and employees of other companies or financial institutions. CRISC holders help a company to understand business risks and have the knowledge which is technically used to implement appropriate IS controls.

Benefits of CRISC Certification

Given the spread of cybercrime, especially in terms of data theft and fraud, risk management today is a big deal. As personal and professional life enters the digital world, network security has become a top priority, especially for businesses. After all, a serious data breach can cause significant financial loss or business bankruptcy. Companies that cannot guarantee the security of their transactions can become infamous due to unreliable risks and cause irreparable losses.
CRISC certified professionals have a better understanding of information technology risks and the impact of these risks throughout the organization. We also design plans and strategies to mitigate these risks. Finally, CRSC experts established a common language to promote communication and understanding between IT teams and stakeholders.