Certified Network Defender (CND)

Learn important techniques! EC-Council’s Provider Neutral Cybersecurity Certification provides an unbiased approach to learning about security, network practices, and analyzing and improving IT systems widely used in IT infrastructure today. ‘
CND v2 is known to be the only program on the market that focuses 100% on cybersecurity and defense.
IT professionals need to be part of the cybersecurity ecosystem, especially in the post-COVID digital transformation era. Cybersecurity If you think this is the sole responsibility of the cyber team, think again!
Certified Network Defender v2 empowers IT professionals and professionals to take an active role in protecting corporate digital assets and detect and respond to cyber threats while in use. threat information to make predictions. , Designed by industry experts. CND is a cybersecurity process designed to help organizations create and deploy the most comprehensive cyber defenses.

The following are some of the highlights of this Certified Network Defender (CND) training:

  • A voucher for the official EC-Council Curriculum Exam is included in the course tuition.
  • Benefits of instructor coaching after the training
  • You’ll discover how to:
  • Controls and devices for network security should be installed, configured, and managed.
  • Security policies should be designed, implemented, and monitored.
  • Harden hosts to protect them from intruders.
  • VNPs and wireless network technologies should be implemented and configured.
  • Assess the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.