Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)

The CGEIT (Certificate of Enterprise Information Technology Administration) is a vendor-independent certification for qualified technical personnel seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in business administration. The CGEIT certification is designed in such a way that it provides certification to those who lead, manage or support the IT governance of large organizations. ISACA is an international non-profit organization, formerly the Information Systems Testing and Control Association, the organization that develops and operates CGEITs accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
A large organization is financially responsible, as IT is increasingly dependent on the need to comply with complex laws and regulations related to security and data protection as well as the protection of information personal. Information technology governance remains important. Therefore, Axelos uses governance references such as CGEIT (Certificate of Enterprise IT Governance) and governance references as ITIL and CRISC (IT Governance, Risk Management) experts. and compliance). It is mandatory.

ISACA and Project Management Institute PMI Risk Management Specialist.
Since CGEIT was introduced in 2007, more than 7,000 people have been certified, the majority of whom hold management positions such as CIO, Chief Auditor, CIO, CISO, and CEO. According to ISACA, “CGEIT is better able to support its board of directors and management and has successfully embarked on a policy of continuing professional training. You can also stretch your legs. Additionally, according to Global Knowledge’s 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report, CGEIT is one of the highest paying IT certifications, with an average annual salary of $ 121,363.

Benefits of CGEIT Certification

NPS Technologies has a wealth of experience and resources to provide you with the benefits of this Certification and you can start your career immediately. Our CGEIT exam preparation course is designed to ensure that you pass the challenging CGEIT exam only on the first attempt. This course aims to maximize time efficiency, far better than self-study that requires more time and commitment.
This course is an essential course for IT managers and supervisors who want to improve their careers in IT governance, and IT consultants who want to join IT governance advisory committees in large organizations. Therefore, if you want to take the lead in your career with this IT governance course, please contact us and learn more about this great opportunity.

Core Benefits Include: 
Supports the increasing corporate needs related to IT governance.
Raise awareness about governance and good IT practices
Define the responsibilities of the professionals who conduct IT governance.
Increase the potential of your earning with your career growth as well.