About CCISO Certification Program

EC-Council’s CCISO program recognizes the world’s best information security professionals. The CCISO Advisory Board is a core group of senior information security officials who helped form the basis of the plan and define exam content, knowledge systems, and education. Some board members contribute as authors, some act as testers, some act as QA testers, and still others act as trainers. Each part of the plan seeks to transfer the knowledge of experienced professionals to the next generation, the areas most critical to developing and maintaining a successful information security plan, taking into account the wishes of the CISO. The CCISO or (Certified CISO) program is the first certification and training program to train high-level IT Security Managers. CCISO not only focuses on technical knowledge but also on the application of IT Security Management
Principles from a management Point of View. The Plan was developed by placing CISOs for current and aspirational CISOs. To sit for the CCISO exam & get a Certificate out of the Course, the applicants must meet all the basic CCISO requirements. Candidates who don’t meet the CCISO Exams requirements, but are Seriously interested in information security management and can obtain the EC-Council Information Security Management (EISM) certification.