AWS Solution Architect

For the AWS Solution Certification Course level, students must gain knowledge of how to design with AWS tools. There is a condition for certification or Recommend IT pros have a minimum of one year and a maximum of hands-on experience designing available and fault-tolerant AWS system.

Course Overview

The AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Professor Exam is for individuals with at least one year of hands-on experience designing open, fault-tolerant, distributed systems scalable and cost-effective available on AWS. Effectively demonstrate your knowledge of using AWS technology to design and deploy powerful and secure applications. We use architectural design principles to define our solutions based on the needs of our customers. Provide organizations with implementation guidance based on best practices throughout the project lifecycle.

Benefits of this Course

Practical experience of using AWS services for computing, network, storage, and database. Hands-on experience in AWS management and deployment services. Be able to identify and define the technical requirements of AWS-based applications. Be able to identify AWS services that meet the specified technical requirements. Learn about the best practices recommended for creating secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform. Understand the basic architectural principles that build the foundation of the AWS cloud. Learn more about the global AWS infrastructure. Learn more about AWS-related networking technologies. Understand the security features and tools provided by AWS and their relationship to existing services.